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“First impressions” campaign


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“Are you?” campaign


“Did you know?” campaign



To build or implement brand awareness, I believe that some strategies must be followed first: have an active presence on social media (for example: make stories to summarize content, share news and stories about BOOM’s photographers and partners, etc.); write blog posts and newsletters each month for BOOM audience and subscribers (for example: with news of announcements, events, conferences, state of operations, ecc.); publish YouTube videos (for example: newsletter in video format or animated videos of blog posts, livestreams of events, video testimonials, tutorials, etc.); crate and produce company apparel; design and conduct workshops; take part in showtrades; sponsor events.

“World is BOOM” campaign.

Is BOOM present in more than 60 countries and has over 35,000 professional freelance photographers worldwide? Do we produce high volume photos globally? Let’s show it and let BOOM’s photographers have fun!

In my opinion BOOM should create an awareness campaign through Instagram and Facebook, where BOOM photographers have to publish their photos (rigorously taken specifically for the campaign) of them shooting something of their beautiful country.
The hashtag they must use is #worldisboom. Than they should use an hashtag associated to the country (for example #boomimageagencyaustralia)

This campaign allows to find fresh talent and build brand awareness at the same time. And – why not – it could be a beautiful campaign to create in collaboration with partners such as Airbnb and it could be useful to establish a collaborative business relationship.

At the end of the campaign (1-2 month?) BOOM will proclaim winner:

3 photos with more likes
3 most creative/interesting photos
3 most used country hashtags
Awards with an Amazon voucher
Awards with Airbnb voucher
Awards with BOOM’s apparel

Once for year BOOM should create a photographic exhibition support by an event, with the best shots of the contest campaign.

Occasionally some contests – campaigns can be created
with various different themes or concerning BOOM’s business areas:

Typical events and parties
Real estate
Food and restaurant
Corporate and events
Travel and experiences

Hope you appreciate it. Thanks for the attention.


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